Monday, 13 June 2016

Cleopatra Kicks Off A Month Long Campaign Stay Earthy & Go Vegan

By 121 News

Chandigarh 13th June:- Cleopatra chain of spa & salon headed by Richa Aggarwal, beauty & makeover expert is well known for her passion towards initiating Eco Friendly & Go Green Beauty concepts for being beautiful from inside out.

Richa Aggarwal's passion is intensified further and belief has become firmer as Cleopatra took a step further and flagged off STAY EARTHY & GO VEGAN BEAUTY RETREAT,  a campaign that aims to discourage testing of beauty products on animals & spreads the message for embracing Eco friendly lifestyle for being a beauty that is COMPASSIONATE, KIND & CRUELTY FREE.

Dimension of "STAY EARTHY & GO VEGAN BEAUTY RETREAT," got wider & bigger as its joined by MISS TANZANIA WORLD RICHA ADHIA who is associated with save tiger project, anti poaching foundation and is an ardent animal lover. Isha Kakaria, Social activist & animal lover, Tamanna NGO  along with Harveen Kathuria, beauty expert Cleopatra also joined green beauties to spread across the message of Going Earthy & green.

On the occassion Richa Aggarwal informed that we want to encourage people for embracing a life style that is Eco Friendly and earth friendly, it's all about being a beauty that is compassionate and kind, we want to daunt people from the use of products that are tested on animals and inspire them to go earthy friendly as they connect more with nature and roots. It is impossible to save the environment without going vegan only by making small but significant changes in what we eat or wear on day to day basis we can protect earth, our own health and countless animals. It's time to go back to earth and embrace earthy lifestyle. Miss Tanzania Richa Adhia echoed the views and expressed her happiness over being part of the mission.

Campaign will run for a weak and introduce you to the world of beauty & wellness while promoting vegan and eco friendly ways to improve overall persona from inside and outside. On the concourse city will imbibe and assimilate natural and green ways to follow journey to healthy lifestyle. Cleopatra's team of makeover experts led by Harveen Kathuria showcased eco friendly green makeovers which promoted use of products that are cruelty free and all natural. Month long campaign will also present Live presentations on selecting products that are natural, vegan food choices,  benefits of organic planting and green ways to attain youthfulness and beauty.