Monday, 13 June 2016

4 day Chandigarh Yoga Festival Concludes with Public Address of Yogrishi Swami Ramdev

By 121 News

Chandigarh 13th June:- The four day curtain raiser event of the Chandigarh Administration in the wake of 2nd International day of Yoga scheduled to be held on 21st June, 2016 concluded here today at Parade Ground, Sector 17, Chandigarh with an enthusiastic public address by Yogrishi Swami Ramdev, who was the Chief Guest at the valedictory function.

Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki, Governor, Punjab, Haryana & Administrator, UT, Chandigarh, Kirron Kher, Member Parliament, Chandigarh, Parimal Rai, Adviser to the Administrator, Chandigarh, Anurag Aggarwal, Home Secretary, Sarvjit Singh, Finance Secretary, Ajit Balaji Joshi, Deputy Commissioner, Kriti Garg, SDM, and other senior officials of the Chandigarh Administration and thousands of city residents & devotees of Yogrishi Swami Ramdev  were present during the programme.

Highlighting the benefits of yoga, Yogrishi Swami Ramdev said that one should give equal importance to every aspect of yoga. He added that where there is focus and sanctity, that aspect of life is yoga. If we are doing farming with focus and sanctity then it is krishi yoga. If we are doing our office work with focus and sanctity then it is karma yoga.

Addressing the gathering, Swami Ramdev advised performing at least 5 'pranayama'  and 5 small physical exercises (sukshma asanas) that will keep everybody healthy besides ensuring  that they are free of mental stress. He suggested the following pranayama i.e. Bhastrika Pranayam, Kapal Bhati Pranayam, Anulom Vilom Pranayam, Bhramari Pranayam and Udgeeth Pranayam for daily practice.

In addition to these 5 Pranayams, Swami Ramdev says that a few of minor physical exercises will be quite helpful in the busy life of a common man including Vajrasana,  Mandukasana, Shashankasana, Gomukhasana and Vakrasana.

He said that Yoga developed in India many years ago and is slowly gaining popularity across the globe owing to the number of benefits that it has on the mind and body of a person. The basic principle of yoga is to bring about harmony of the mind, body, and spirit, resulting in holistic therapy. He said that practicing yoga increases the capacity of lungs, so people suffering from diseases like asthma and other lung-related disorders may find relief. It helps in relieving emotional and nervous anxiety and improves immunity of the body, rejuvenates and refreshes both body and mind, releases chronic muscle tension around vital organs like heart and digestive organs, helps improve concentration, purifies blood by getting rid of toxins and also increases oxygen level in blood, promotes good sleeping pattern and also cures insomnia and helps in easing out the stress levels.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki, Governor, Punjab, Haryana & Administrator, UT, Chandigarh emphasized on participation of youth in celebration of International Yoga Day in a big way to create a generation of young Indians equipped to take on future challenges and achieve their full potential. He said that it is necessary that the youth are in good physical, mental and spiritual health and make healthy and balanced lifestyle choices.

While addressing the gathering, Kirron Kher, Member Parliament, Chandigarh said that the Yoga has universal appeal and the declaration of International Yoga Day is a huge success of Indias diplomacy and cultural outreach. She said Yoga is an invaluable cultural heritage of India and is now being practiced in all continents. Yoga cuts across all religions, and helps in achieving coordination, balance and unity between the body, mind, intellect and soul. She said that this leads to a balanced human being which forms the basis of a balanced society, leading eventually to a balance in the natural world and oneness with its creator.

Speaking on the occasion, Parimal Rai, Adviser to the Administrator, UT, Chandigarh said that the last four days have witnessed an unprecedented amalgamation of thoughts and ideas on various aspects of Yoga expressed by Yoga Gurus and eminent Yoga experts from across the country. He said that Yoga being a science of holistic health is the best guarantee for the health problems of the people. Not only Yoga takes care of the health, it gives a new dimension to the overall personality of a person. He said that we should adopt as much as possible the Indian System of Medicine and possibilities will be explored to open Hospital of Ayush in Chandigarh in near future.

Ajit Balaji Joshi, Deputy Commissioner, UT, Chandigarh in his introductory speech, gave a roundup of the activities at the four day festival which included public address by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji on "Yoga-The True Dimension" on 9th June, Inauguration of three day Academic conclave "Yoga for Good Life" and fusion of "Bharat Natyam & Yoga" on 10th June, "Yoga the Tree of life", a 3D mapping show and a musical concert by Pt. Subhash Ghosh, "Yoga on Wheels", Skaters rally, "Moonlight Yoga" at Sukhna Lake on 11th June at Sukhna Lake. He said that during the three day academic conclave on "Yoga for Good Life" about 58 speakers and 300 scholars from various Universities, institutions from different parts of the country took part and 40 research papers have been prepared and submitted by them during the conclave which will be published in near future.

During the function a book namely "Ayurved & Yog" written by Vaid Rakesh Sharma, Director, Ayurvedic Department, and Punjab was also released by Yogrishi Swami Ramdev ji.

Earlier, Dr. Suchitra Mitra and her team performed the fusion of "Bharat Natyam and Yoga" on the main stage at Parade Ground, Sector 17, Chandigarh.