Wednesday 13 May 2020

Mohali Couple’s COVID Innovation–an app to Help Business Go Online in 7 Days

By 121 News
Mohali, May 13, 2020:-The COVID 19 pandemic has led a Mohali based dynamic techie husband-wife duo – Sumeet (38) &Manisha Soni (37) to create a path breaking app MagikKart. The app is slated to help traditional small and medium-sized retail stores and businesses become online in a record time of 7 days. MagikKart has been developed under the banner of Mohali based Zapbuild Technologies, a startup founded by Sumeet & ManishaSoni, which has now gone global.

Sumeet Soni said that though lockdown restrictions have been lifted, people are still wary of going out to shop as the fear of COVID 19 lingers. In this scenario, MagikKart will provide a completely safe and contactless delivery experience. The app will help retailers take the e-commerce route in what I call is a jiffy-7 days flat. In this time frame, we will customize the app according to the requirements of the retailer and the app will operate under the brand name of the business. Whereas e-commerce giants simply provide space on their platform to businesses that have to operate under the name of the umbrella e-commerce site, MagikKart will allow the small and medium retailers to own their own app.

Sumeet Soni further said that the app interface is super user-friendly for both vendors and consumers. The pricing has been strategized especially keeping in mind businesses trying to stay afloat during lock-down and costs a tenth of what the software development costs are. Normally such apps cost many lakhs and take 6 months to 1 year to develop. The best part is that the app has the capability to get the cash registers ringing once again.

Adds Manisha Soni that the app is highly effective in increasing sales through regular offers, discounts and package deals; which are part of the inbuilt rewards and loyalty programs. The app not only helps a business curb competition by providing a tech edge, it provides a novel way to retain customers, and add new ones

MagikKart provides an implementable solution to the problems unleashed on traditional businesses by COVID 19. The easy to manage and install app 'MagikKart'–in the present times will provide the much-needed survival skills to the traditional businesses, be they small, medium or big retailers. What's more, the simple app; can be operated by the owner.

Manisha Soni further said that we have helped more than 50 plus brick and mortar stores in India, Canada, and the USA to make their business mobile-ready. The app gives the business a complete identity that is unique to the outlet & is the retailer's parallel online shop. A regular listing on bigger e-Commerce platforms presents a threat of 'poaching' of the retailer's customer data by the platform.

The app has the wherewithal to service all kind of retailers from different genres like Grocery, Apparels, Toys, Stationery, Delivery businesses and many more. The app has been devised to give the moribund economy a fillip by resurrecting traditional businesses which are the backbone of the Indian economy.

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